M/s Rajat Scientific Instruments



We are an expert Manufacturer and Supplier of Lyophilizer (RS00G0111). Lyophilizer is housed in a super structure steel frame it is mounted on swivel casters. The Lyophilizer comes with Perspex see though lid, gasket and control instrument i.e. Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature controller for measurement of Temperature and Electronic Vacuum Indicator. The unit is made out of hermetically sealed compressor and with 100 liters/ min direct motor drive rotary vane type vacuum pump of double stage With Air ballast having ultimate vacuum of less than 50 microns in the system and 10 microns on pump Head. Condenser Trap: All non-magnetic Stainless steel fabricated, argon welded, dished-bottom for complete effluent removal. Refrigeration coils made of copper bonded to outside of condenser heavily Insulated, up to (-) 40oC, at ambient temperature of 20oC, is maintained through a MICROPROCESSOR BASED DIGITAL TEMPERATURE INDICATOR. Vacuum Drum has 6 or 12 port manifold (main driving Chamber) made of stainless steel non-magnetic grade with Perspex top cover. (CFC FREE AND PUFF INSULATED)

Capacity :

  • 3.25 liters approximately (for 6 tests)
  • 5.25 liters approximately (for 12 tests)

Brand Name : Rebico