M/s Rajat Scientific Instruments


Magnetic Stirrer

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Magnetic Stirrer (RS00S0102). Magnetic Stirrer is intended for stirring solutions of low viscosity in open or closed vessels. Stirring is accomplished by a magnetized Teflon coated paddle to be placed in the container. Magnetic Stirrer can be operated on a bench, a stand or a laboratory scaffold as well. The intensity of stirring, depending on requirements, can be adjusted with the thyristorised voltage controller incorporated which also ensures steeples adjustments from very low to the maximum agitation & Heating is controlled by Energy Regulator.

Capacity :

  • 750 ml
  • 1 ltr. S.S.Top
  • 2 ltr. S.S.Top
  • 5 ltr. S.S.Top
  • 10 ltr. S.S.Top

Brand Name : Rebico