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Mashing Bath

For laboratory Breweries, Distilleries, Food Products, Scientific Analysis of malt extract by Hartong , Congress, and ASBS Methods and Research Lab.

Analysis Procedures
Congress- and Hartong-Methods are standardized methods to the extraction of different analyses key figures.

Congress - Method
Mashing, by passing through a temperature program. Use of malt-fine grind and -coarse grind.

Hartong - Method
Mashing at constant temperature (20°, 45°, 65° or 80° C).Use of malt-fine grind

Rectangular constant temperature bath having inner reservoir made of thick gauge 304 AISI, Stainless steel buffed to mirror finish. External casing made of thick gauge CRCA sheet duly powder coated. The bath is provided with stainless steel lid with 4/6/8 ports. 4/6/8 stainless steel beakers supplied.

Thermal insulation provided in between the walls to prevent loss of temperature.

Drive Mechanism
A battery of 4 / 6/8 agitators are driven by a heavy duty Permanent Magnet DC geared motor With DC frequency drive. The stirring paddles are made out of stainless steel rods. The speed of agitator, which oscillates through drive knob and digitally indicated with Variable Speed 15-150 rpm (can be customize the RPM as per customer requirements) . The drive assembly is mounted on a rigid stand just above the constant temperature bath with detachable stirring paddles.

Heavy Duty PMDC motor stirrer for bath for uniform temperature of bath, Shaft made of Stainless steel 304 grade

Stainless steel sheathed immersion heater made of Oxidized Nichrome wire fitted at the bottom of the bath to uniformly dissipate the heat across the bath area

Control Panel
Comprise of Mains On/Off, Digital Microprocessor Based PID Temperature Controller, Digital Timer, Motor On/Off, Electronic Speed Controller And Rpm Indicator.

  • Temperature Controller : Fully automatic microprocessor PID temperature controller with PT-100 sensor accurately controls the desired set temperature of the bath with +0.5°C accuracy. The controller is having two display for set and process value.
  • Digital Timer : Facilitates to preset the duration of the test run in hour/minutes. The drive system stops automatically after elapse of set time.
  • DC Frequency Drive : Continuously variable speed is adjustable by means of a knob by turning it clockwise / anticlockwise.
  • RPM Indicator : Digitally indicates the speed of the agitator.

Salient Features

  • Designed for heavy duty continuous operation.
  • An electrically control constant temperature bath.
  • A battery of 4/6/8 agitator driven by AC geared motor.
  • AC frequency drive help regulate the digitally indicated oscillation speed.
  • Wide range of speed and temperature with high accuracy and uniformity.
  • Noiseless drive system.
  • Microprocessor based control system.
  • Compact size having embedded control panel.



Technical Data

Bath capacity To 8 agitators
Pots capacity 1 Liters
Speed 15 to 150 rpm, (can be customize the RPM as per customer requirements)
Power supply 220 +10%Volt AC, 50 Hz, 1 Phase.
Temperature range Above ambient to 50°C, +0.5°C.